Monday, 13 November 2006

Reliable Music TV - Mary

Reliable Music TV - KKK

Musica - Carlos Santana

2006 Bronze Loerie - DIRECT & PROMOTIONAL TV
Listen, it's not frozen.

Nando's/Wando's Chinese Guy

When we created this campaign there were a lot of Nando's wannabes. To combat this problem we created a fake Nando's, otherwise known as Wando's. This advert created such hype that it was featured on the front pages of some newspapers because they believed that there was an actual Wando's.

Wando's Response

>This advert was a response to "Wando's" and to warn consumers about the "fake" Nando's. Our object was achieved: You Can Fake Everything But You Can't Fake The Taste of Nando's.
2005 Loerie Finalist

Nando's - uCarmen eKhayelitsha

Gold Cannes Media Lion - 2005
Loerie Bronze - 2006

Virgin Money Radio Campaign

Copy and paste the following link to listen to the rest of the campaign.

2006 Loerie Bronze
To launch Virgin Money in South Africa we created a fictitious African country called Blingola. We followed the idea through by even creating a fictitious language for Blingola, the name of the language is Blingo. This language is a mixture of English and made up African sounding words.